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San Luis Potosí is a Mexican state.

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San Luis Potosí is home for 2585518 inhabitants, 1260366 of them being male and 1325152 female. 1608514 people are adults and 257976 are aged 60 years and more. Access to the social security system do have 1887156 individuals.

Scholar education

Besides the fact that 143335 people in the age-group 15 and older did not visit a school, just 140467 people do not know read and write well.

Private homes

Of about 639265 occupied private homes 27658 consist of one room only and 55138 homes have a no other floor than soil. Sanitary installations are available in 599023 homes and 455692 are connected to tubed water and drainage. Electricity is available in 603636 homes. 151052 homes are equipped with a computer, 409181 have a washing machine and 555492 homes are equipped with one or more TVs.

All data is based on the 2010 published data of the Mexican National Institute of Statistics and Geography


Catorce (121)
Cedral (69)
Ebano (97)
Matehuala (165)
Matlapa (76)
Moctezuma (134)
Rayón (66)
Salinas (102)
Tamasopo (166)
Tanlajás (109)
Vanegas (43)
Venado (118)
Zaragoza (119)
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